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You're 146 pounds??? I'm like 150 and I've cried so many times over how much I wanna look like you and I thought you were like 125 or something but that's so crazy, you definitely don't look 146, I can't even process how that works!

omg trust me tho i always suck in and im totally flabby! but im 5 feet 11 inches so my weight threshold is like higher because im taller, i wont even tell people my highest weight because just to me it sounds so high :( babe seriously tho webcam me im really not that great looking!! every day i just see girls that are so pretty and just wish i was them idk i think i am ugly with a few decent features

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i absolutely looove the color of your hair right now!!! x

awhh ty :3333 i feel like it is better than the pink because purple is a complimentary or contrasting color to my dookie brown eyes lol :x

Wow I’ve actually lost a lot of weight :) I’m like 146 which is so amazing I’ve lost like 15 pounds in the past few weeks, it’s been almost a year at least since I’ve been this weight :’) like wtf how can i fit in 4s again WTF